HATRED, by Timothy G

~Hatred, by Timothy G
“A long time ago I was severely bullied at school. This picture is called ‘Hatred’ because at the time I felt like I was hated by everyone for no reason at all! I was so lonely it felt like being the most unwanted person in the universe. I almost killed myself because of it but I didn’t why should I die for them. Now even though I am 26 years old I still get verbal abuse in the street. I used to be really confident around girls until I was bullied. Girls picking on me was of the most hurtful things that has ever happened to me as I only wanted girls to like me and today haven’t had one girlfriend. This picture isn’t about revenge and doesn’t feature any particular person it is a manifestation of my anger. Even though the bullying happened a long time ago it hadn’t hit me until the last few years. I feel so depressed and I feel so much anger building up inside. I became so worked up that I started drawing this picture, as I was drawing it I could feel negative energy flowing out and afterwards I was slightly less angry. I wanted the picture to be as shocking as possible as I wanted to portray how much emotional pain bullying can cause. Look out for more in this series, I might even make a graphic novel out of it.”

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