THE PAIN WILL STOP, by Lightning198

~The Pain Will Stop, by Lightning198
“One day…..
The Pain Will Stop….

But the scars will stay….
Eating you alive..

Causing to slowly give up
Dying on the inside.

You start cutting,
Letting the demons out.

But it gets worse….
And you end your life.

That’s when the real pain stops.
I don’t mean to persuade you to end your life.
I just felt this way all my childhood. Neglected by my parents because I had a brother with Autism. When my other brother was born, the neglect increased. I attempted suicide when I was eight no one noticed. Always bullied at school just because I was left-handed. I’m in eighth grade, left eternally scarred for the rest of my life. Always giving myself bruises. Or other stuff. I don’t know if I can continue to live this way. I don’t trust anyone in this world, because I know they will break me.”

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