WHERE WERE YOU? by Moonpuppy

Being bullied for 8 years I had tried everything people told me to try in order for it to stop, and many they didn’t.

I remember trying to ignore them, but it made them try harder.

So I fought back physically, only once, it made me sick.

I moved to a new school at some point, and tried to act like them, it didn’t work and only disgusted me.

I tired many different things, none of them had worked.

By grade 7, I gave up. There was no point, so I would just deal with it.

People passing in the hall or sitting in class saw and heard what they did and said. No one ever took my side, they all just watched.

They laughed.

They joined in.

The worst was when they walked away.

I felt like crying, but refused.

I held in my tears, I had shed enough.

Finally, I couldn’t hold them back. They just came, and everyone said they didn’t know why.

They asked what was wrong, pretended to care.

So I told them. What difference did it make, I had already cried.

Word would spread, new rumors would start, new jokes made.

They acted like it was news to them.

When they said “That’s horrible” I merely answered in truth, that I was used to it.

They said that was worse.

So where were they when it was happening?

They probably don’t remember, but I do.

They sat in class and laughed at the comments made at my expense.

They joined in when rumors were spread, making sure they would always come back to me.

They helped when things were poured on my locker.

Cheered when I was kicked in the ribs.

What my supposed bullies did was not “Horrible”

It was expected, it was ‘cool’

You all though it was fun.

Don’t lie!

I saw you there, the smile on your face.

I see some of you are already joking about me again!

Don’t pretend to care, then join in the laughs!

“I should tell someone” you must be joking even now.

After all, why bother?

None of you care.

The teachers ignore it.

My family has heard the stories a million times.

Nothing will change!

But… it did.

~Where Were You? by Moonpuppy

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