Artwork by Charlotte G

“These are pieces I have done for an AS-level project at school but they do hold connections to my past as well because I was a victim of bullying when I was younger. I am an autistic artist and when I was in primary school I was bullied quite a lot because I was different and I was not very good at making friends. I was called names like ‘stupid, idiot, weirdo, crazy freak’ I used to suffer from depression occasionally but as I grew older I learned how to not take things seriously at that I should love who I am because no one else is like me and that the people who called me names are just trying to see if I would react. I do still have social problems but that’s why I draw because I find that drawing is my way of expressing myself and how I feel. I ignore what other people say about me now because they are the ones who are pathetic, not me.”

~Endless Nightmare, by Charlotte G
“This piece represents how a bully can trap you in a never ending nightmare, continuously drifting down a corridor further into darkness. The barred light on the outside taunting you with it’s freedom, something you will never be able to reach.”

~Torn Butterflies, by Charlotte G
“This piece represents how a person’s feelings can be as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. The melting butterflies show how a bully can slowly destroy your confidence and life, eventually leaving nothing more than a dead butterfly with all of it’s character torn away.”

~The Dark Follower, by Charlotte G
“This piece shows how the bully will always be following you, never letting you go and continuously causing you stress and hurt.”

~Knives, by Charlotte G
“This piece represents how the sharpness of knives can be the same as a bully’s words and actions.”

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