IT WASN’T ME… by Silvaze R

~It wasn’t me… by Silvaze R
“The plot behind this picture is that the character has a while back story of being obused and ignored his entire life and that type of lifestyle follows him all up until his highschool career. He is bullied constantly for being different. For liking his hair long, having wierd emotional spasms, and for being alive technically. His parents are gone and so is his uncle. He doesnt care for his parents though because they never aknowledged him. His uncle though, was like the father he never eas able to have. So his entire life has been just discrimination on being himself. This character was created by me to reflect how badly it feels when i myself and being bullied. I always have been. Where people say lies about me and then i lose friends…then realize they obviously werenty friend if they left.”

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