SCARS, by SuperBrony

There was a girl. She had a best friend.
A friendship that would never end.
When she sat with her everyday,
other kids thought it was a proud display.
She was called les, fag, and gay many times.
But kids just replied “We’re just joking.” Every time, she cried.
She told a teacher, the kids were supposedly in trouble.
But they brought up many things she had done in the past.
She got in trouble too.
She got pelted by ice from head to toe after school.
She hurt her finger so bad. She cried and cried.
No one cared, some 6-year-old began to laugh.
But still, she got called nerdy and ugly, but she didn’t tell that time to the teacher. She had cuts and scratches from one kid to another.
Her friend got called a lesbian by a boy too. So she gave that boy rotten food.
He told on her and she burst out crying. He denied it, smirking.
Now her, she’s okay now. They both are. But now they have plenty of scars.

~Scars, by SuperBrony
“When I was in fifth grade, at the beginning of the year, I got called faggot, lesbian and gay. They thought this because I had one friend who was a girl, and she’s my BFF and we did everything together. I didn’t want to go to school anymore. I told the assistant principal, and the 3 boys got in trouble. But one said I had kicked him, and I did. So I HAD TO SAY SORRY! After that I got pelted by snowballs after school by their club. I ran away, with their ‘gang’ yelling at me. I then threw a snowball at this one kid, and he said to pelt me with snowballs. I got hit by ice too. I started crying. Only 1 kid cared and told them to stop. As for my BFF, she got lesbian because she wore a rainbow hat, so she fed him a piece of food off the floor. She got sent to the principal, and got in trouble. The boy tried to get all of his friends to say that he didn’t call her a lesbian. And I was pissed in the end.”

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