~It couldn’t be avoided, by Sarah A
“I used to be bullied when I was young for small things, mostly things I don’t even remember now. People used to pick on me because I was an easy target amd didn’t have any real friends. My family has history of moving very often so I didn’t bother to make too many relationships. As I got older, people stopped picking on me or saying nasty things, but that didn’t end my problems. In the fifth grade, I was the one in trouble for bullying another student. To this day, I still regret all the things I said to her and how she once told me it made her feel. Since then, I have apologized sincerely but I still wonder if it made the difference. I was inspired to do this piece after listening to one of my favorite vocaloid songs, Bacterial Contamination, and reflecting on it. Even though my style of art has improved greatly since I’ve done this, it still holds its place as one of my favorite pieces.”

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