Sing to me,
A song from your heart.
Make me feel,
That your soul cries out.

Cries out for that mercy,
the same mercy you never showed.
That same mercy,
that you held over peoples heads.
A lure for the outcasts,
the sweet tease of notice.

But I will not listen.
I will not fall.
I will not be silent.
I will sing out my heart,
rasie my voice like a beacon.
So that all who hear,
feel hope rise again.

Sing out your heart,
let your soul shine through,
in every word,
every note a clarion call.
Calling forth hope,
igniting the fires of the heart,
and fanning the flames.

We will not fall!
We will not be silent!
We will sing out our hearts!
So that those who hear,
will know without doubt!
We are not outcasts,
but brothers and sisters,
friends and lovers,
Compatriots, one and all!

Hear our voices sing out!

~Sing Out (Your Heart), by Shaun E. B
“I wanted something to convey how I felt this project of yours will, hopefully, work out in the end. ^_^ Not only that, but I wanted to show that, not everything is dark and bleak. There will always be those people who shine and rise above, those beacons we can all look to and say, “look there! Not all are dark and hopeless.” And those people set examples for us, no matter how much we think we are not influenced by them. But no matter what, I want people to know. They have LIGHT inside them, a light that is stronger than ANY sort of trivial darkness anyone can throw at you. All you have to do, is find it and let it SHINE.”

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