You see that boy over there?
He’s shriveled on the ground crying.
See those guys beating him up?
Yeah, they’re bullies.

What are you doing, just standing there?
Do you enjoy watching this?
You’re no better than them.
Your silence is like five more kicks to that boy’s side.

Still not going to do anything?
You think someone else will?
What if they don’t?
What if this keeps going on?

Are you walking away?
You think it’s not your problem?
Is that what you think?
You think he has the strength to do this on his own?

He’s dead.
You know why?
He killed himself.
It’s the bullies’ fault, right?

It’s just as much your fault.
You could’ve helped him.
You could’ve been his friend.
You could’ve saved his life.

But you didn’t.
You didn’t and now he’s gone.
You are a murderer.
You killed that boy.

~You’re A Murderer, by Nia P

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