TALK TO ME, by Anonymous

~Talk to Me, by Anonymous
“I’ve never been bullied in my life (or maybe I have been and it was just so bad I had to block it from my memory), but I have seen many people–some actually really close to me–who have been bullied. I was still pretty young at that time and was always afraid of getting involved in things that didn’t concern me. Well, people really shouldn’t think like that when it comes to bullying, because bullying affects everybody; it affects bystanders, it affects the victim, and it affects the victim’s loved ones. If you’re being bullied, don’t be afraid to tell someone you love and trust, because seeing you in pain every day pains them as well. If you know someone who’s being bullied, just being there helps them a lot. Knowing that they have support from another person and that someone cares could really save someone’s life.”

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