TELL ME THIS, by Craig D

Oh, so you’re not thin?
Tell me how you’re ugly.
Oh, so your hair doesn’t look good everyday?
Tell me whose does.
Oh, so you make mistakes?
Tell me who doesn’t.
Oh, so you’re not a model?
Tell me what the definition of beauty is.
Oh, so you aren’t normal?
Tell me what “normal” is.
Oh, so you aren’t good enough?
Tell me why.
You can’t.
Because there isn’t a standard you need to reach to be yourself

~Tell me this, by Craig D
“well its centered upon not being ashamed of who you are just because you arent perfect. it was made because of my friend and his confession of depression and i wanted to make something that might help him. Its not entirely centered on bullying but its basically a call out to anyone dealing with any kinda of depression in a relatable and simplistic way to show that they are not alone, and that being perfect is something that no one is. perfection is who you are and not what others say you are.”

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