~Suicide, Self Harm, Substance Abuse: It’s Real, by Caitlyn Cooper
“People need help, and if we don’t step up, who will?
There’s so many kids and teenagers out there going through so much. I don’t understand why somebody (who doesn’t even know a person) would attempt to make his or her life worse just for their own personal gain – which is nothing. Depression is real, and so are the clutches that bind people to them. When people think of depression, they don’t often think about our children and teenagers. But, it would be absurd to assume that they would be excluded from such a powerful force of darkness.
I’ve been against suicide and bullying for a long time now, actually. Some abnormal part of my heart just feels for these people more than the average person does. Please, just do me a favor. Whoever you are, where you are, just help somebody you see who’s in desperate need of a friend. Everybody has their own story and set of problems, and nobody is better than the other. If you think nobody’s here for you, don’t worry. Somebody always is, or is willing to be. And if you think nobody would care if you died – you’re wrong. I care.”

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