All these words might roll off the tongue without meaning, but in some they
leave a scar.

You walk down the street and you see a girl with cuts on her body and you
immediately think or say “Emo”. You don’t know the story behind those
scars. You don’t even know if she is the one doing this to herself.

You see a boy playing with an old toy and yell out “Loser!” But did you
know that the toy he clings to is the last thing is dying mother gave to him?

That girl you are calling fat? The one that wears the oversized shirts to hide
herself? Under those clothes is a rape victim. A girl that hasn’t stopped
thinking about that one night her mom’s friend came into her room. Now she
hides pain by eating to comfort herself so the memories subside.

Sacrificing feelings for a few extra minutes of toyful play and laughter is
what it might feel like to you, but for the ones behind the faked smiles, the
ones on the other side of that word, they are the ones suffering from the pain.
They do not have those minutes to laugh at a silly comment because to them,
that comment meant something.

You make fun of the “fat” girl, the “loser”, and the “emo” one because they
are different. But those people out there in the world making a difference are
just that. They are unique. They are distinct. They are the ones you end up
idolizing in the future.

Stop the bullying.

Share your originality.

~The Crude Truth, by Jamie L

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