LET ME FALL, by Tharusha D

I have reached the core
With fire dancing around me
I can feel the thaw
Burning up my flesh
No words….No music..
Can get me out of here
I’m alone and stuck
And now I’ve has enough

Let the fall come along
Let the hearts put on their masks
I can hear the words of the song
Sung by those above the crust
No rope will help me now
But I’m going to use it somehow
The battle has finally ended
And I’m lying here all wounded

They made it so easy to believe
That I had no roots beyond me
And now their gone but no relief
As those words are writing themselves
In my brain and heart and soul
Using my blood as ink in order to dwell
To torture the breath out of my screaming lungs
They have won
They have forced my arms
To rise to warn the fall

Let the fall come along
Let those beautiful words penetrate my soul
Let me take my last silent pull
To close my eyes…to gather…to smile
As the loop descends
And my tears end…
I step forward to dissolve
Anything…to get rid of this world…

~Let Me Fall, by Tharusha D
“I am a 15 year old girl from Sri Lanka. I hate bullying. I have experienced it as well to some extent. Anyway, I found out about the His Name Was Steven website and I was really shocked about it. I was so disturbed and worried about it. Which resulted in a song. I love writing and I hate bullying and here is what I got as the output of those two emotions.”

4 thoughts on “LET ME FALL, by Tharusha D”

  1. Dear Tharusha,You are really awesome. I am against bullying too. I feel so sorry for Steven. I wish i could do something and his dad is pretty cool too. Running a website to help other kids and share his son's story is impressive. Nice Poem BTW. 😉 LOVE,SANDU

  2. Really really great. I feel very sorry for this Steven too. Is 'their' in 3rd stanza, 3rd line 3rd word, supposed to be actually 'their' or 'they're'?The poem is really emotional. You should write something about Amanda Todd too. She went through the same sort of experience. Any way, + one. (two, if I could.)

  3. Thank you,Thank you,thank you so much! It means so much to me. Yes. That should be “They are” and not “Their” Thanks for pointing it out! I'll write something for Amanda Todd too! Thank you again.I'm really glad you liked it.Tharusha.

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