MISTAKE, by Jason B

The label that has driven me to this
The name that replaced my real one
The title that describes me to you

Oh this wonderful abuse
The only attention you gave me
The only emotion that you showed me

You say you love me,
You say I’m the most important thing in your life
Then you stab me in the back
you have this strange look of satisfaction

You break my bones,
My spirit,
you rip my very soul to pieces

All I ask is

What have have I done to you?
is it because you never wanted me?
I didn’t follow in your foot steps
Wasn’t I good enough

I have fallen
Fallen farther than I thought I could
There is no hope

No more light in my world
there is only the comforting darkness
there is no love in my world,
only the affection of myself

there is no one to share my pain with
only the scars on my wrists

To you cruel, lifeless, loveless, hopeless world
I say


~Mistake, by Jason B

1 thought on “MISTAKE, by Jason B”

  1. Hey…hold on. Hold on to whatever is is that can get you through your current situation. It does get better! If you're reliant on this person right now, just remember that one day soon you will be able to stand on your own and this person and his/her belittling comments will be a thing of the past. So hang on, man. Hugs.

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