~Tearing Off the Wings of Butterflies, by Felix F
“This piece (including the story it relates to) partially reflects the bullying I suffered growing up from the age of 7-14. I had just moved to a new school after moving house. I was just a normal kid back in school, but people didn’t like that I was doing better than them in school or that I wasn’t like them because I enjoyed school. And that’s where the bullying started. I couldn’t breathe at night or sleep until the early hours of the morning and I never wanted to go to school. I was too scared to do so. I was also too scared to stay at home due to my parents splitting for the first time at this point, so I went to school anyway thinking that I wouldn’t have to put up with the bullying most of the day if I sat next to the teacher in class, but that didn’t help me outside the classroom where insults and abuse were repeated until I finished primary school. In the story, I explore how my situation could have been different were it not for great teachers and the ability to escape at the end of the school day. The story takes place in a form of boarding school where teachers are rarely around and the bullies live in the same building as you, you are singled out for being different, someone who cannot perform as well as the rest of the class, yet that finding that special friend or two can help you get through the day, protect you and that you are never as alone as you think you are.”

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