When you tease and bully that person,
The one that you hardly know,
But you see all the cool kids doing it,
You instead of standing up for this child,
You start saying those hurtful words to them too,
And they wish they were invisible,
Wishing that they didn’t exist,
Wishing that they could disappear,
Wishing that there was something they could do,
But they are afraid of those that taunt them,
Afraid to tell someone the hurtful words they hear,
Afraid to be labeled as something worse,
Than the words they already hear,
When you tease that person,
Someone who is not a child,
But has been bullied before,
Due to their looks,
Or the way that they carry themselves,
Because it is all that you know,
You do not realize how much it hurts,
How they see the yesterday of their life,
Of those hurtful words being thrown at them,
And perhaps being torn apart at home too,
Being told that they are worth nothing,
That they are told they should have not been born,
That they are just another mistake,
Among many that was committed,
Hurtful painful phrases said,
Hurtful painful blue tears shed,
And they wish they were invisible,
Wished that they could just disappear,
They wish they could get away from those words,
Be anywhere else than that moment,
Wanting to dream but hurting so much,
Not knowing what to say or do,
Not knowing who to turn to,
You post hateful words online,
Not realizing how much pain you are afflicting,
Thinking it is harmless,
That you are just speaking your mind,
But you do not see the painful tears you cause,
You don’t see beyond those words,
You don’t see how much you are causing pain,
Than someone commits suicide,
Tired of being hurt through those words all the time,
Wanting to end everything they know,
Feeling that they have nothing in their life,
Nothing in their life worth living for,
And they turn invisible,
Until they are found,
And then the tears come from those that actually care,
Wondering and wishing that they knew,
That they felt that way,
So, when you speak words,
Or you post them where all can see,
Be careful what you say,
You never know how it might hurt someone,
And make someone feel invisible,
And how they want to disappear,
As they cannot handle the hurtful painful taunts,
That you say with your pride,
Stop and think about someone else,
Before you speak words of hurt,
And maybe you will help someone,
Not want to be invisible due to the taunts,
The taunts of this world.

~When You Bully Someone, by Mandy Lynn B

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