DISTANT VOICES, by IamDreamfire

You mocked me,
socked it to me and left me there pleading,
and I the foolish one who’d ended up believing,
nothing quite so unrelieving.

Shrill laughter cackles down corridors of learned shame,
all I absorbed here in the manner of my haunting,
was my defense of self seeming always left wanting.

A moment alone with each, caught apart from the rest,
I tried to ask some for reason, begged mercy for their treason,
I tried to do my best.

They fouled the air I breathed and made my sanity scarce,
they pointed up the worst as though I was some monster,
later wishing I had guessed their farce,
equanimity ticked slowly behind me,
had become too sparse.

Burning embers emblazoned with venom spits of bile,
oh we have not seen each other in quite a while,
since you last met me I have grown some teeth,
you can find my name now in the coroner’s file.

I lashed out as only someone cowed would,
I used a knife and I used it good,
took all that rage I had for them
and cut my sweet life to the stem.

As the crowd regret and wait their conscience,
I fear I can hear my mother’s cries,
oh she does ask why?

In mother’s veins anguish does run it’s dark course,
the answer you seek speaks of my joy bound up in love,
having slipped through your grasp,
got squashed through certain force.

~Distant Voices, by IamDreamfire
Dedicated to those who saw only one solution to bullying and to their loved ones

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