EYES OF A BULLY, by Katherine S

Sweet, timid, small and tender

A good girl with a loving heart

But why was she tormented so?

She was little, an easy catch

She was quiet, a weak target

She was sensitive, a fun game

Prey in the eyes of a bully

So what if she cries? they laugh

So what if she shivers? they smile

So what if she tells? they attack

Game in the eyes of a bully

Sad and scared, she’s all alone

Who will protect her? no one sees

Who will save her? no one hears

Who will rescue her? no one cares

Only seen by the eyes of a bully

Cannot run, they give chase

Cannot hide, they will seek

Cannot fight, they can attack

Never escape the eyes of a bully

Tormented, the girl is scared and alone

Forever fearing everyone around

Her good heart blackened with fear and anger

Afraid of the eyes of a bully

~Eyes of a Bully, by Katherine S
“Ever since I could remember I was always a target for bullies, from preschool to my junior of high school I would get teased, mocked, threatened and I was even attacked. I have a petite figure which makes me smaller than my peers, and also I was timid and quiet, which gave the bullies an excuse to bully me since I was an “easy target”. I didn’t fight back because I was told ignoring them would make it go away, but that never works because then you are allowing them permission to continue bullying you. I was told to tell people when I was bullied, but that didn’t help me either because the adults I did tell didn’t see it as a big deal, or the punishment for the bullies was only a ‘slap on the wrist’ you could say, so they still continued to harass me, so that’s why I didn’t tell people. Then some told me to stand up to them, but that doesn’t work either because when you are small you feel weak, and I would get threatened and even attacked.

“The one time I did stand up for myself was on my bus in high school, were a group of bullies made my rides hell for years whenever I rode it, this one day I was having paper balls thrown at me (it was trash from the floor prior that day), I nicely told them to stop but it wasn’t enough and the sub-bus driver let it get out of hand to where a simple paper-ball target led to an assault and a screaming match. The leader bully harassed me so much that when I pushed her away from me when she got so close to my face, she hit my head into the window and then even ripped my earplugs out of my ears for me to listen to her, and then it led to me screaming at the top of my lungs in fear and anger. Then they all laughed because I had tears in my eyes, while others pretended to not notice what was going on. It was only then did the school realize this has gotten out of hand when my mother called wanting to press charges on the bully, and they took her to court where she was charged with Assault (she was 18 at the time). Why am I sharing this horrible memory to everyone? Because this was the worse memory of my bullied life, and even to this day it scares me.

“I want everyone to know that you’re not alone as you feel, because on that bus I felt utterly alone because no one had my side and none of my peers asked if I was alright. But speaking up to my parents about this horrible incident made someone take action to where this bully pay for what she did. For the rest of her life she will have to deal with an assault charge on her record. Don’t give up hope and speak up to anyone who will listen before it gets too out of hand. Trust me, I’ve let things get out of hand from not speaking up to the right people. Speak up, talk to someone, and I know you can get through this. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how bad the bully is or isn’t, no one should be bullied, and i hope my story and my poem inspires others to speak up to bullying and help stop it!”

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