ACCOUNTABLE, by IamDreamfire

That bully around is actually not insurmountable,
if he’s made accountable.

He’s afraid of something I’m sure,
but what would he fear if it was in store?
What would slow his pace and make him think a little more?

When one is singled out,
the ring leader chants,
ritual example,
others watch and think
it’s out of their hands.

It’s an answer consisting of numbers,
not outsmarted but overpowered,
it’s there the bully blunders.

When you see it,
get a few,
care more for their personal pride,
than keeping waters calm,
I guarantee your problem would be gone,
the light of truth gets shone.

~Accountable, by IamDreamfire
“I don’t believe in having to handle it after but getting to it before it gets out of hand.”

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