Sinking down, to the depths of the sea,
Why did you have to pick on me?
My heart, my soul, sinking down,
My lungs fill with water, I begin to drown,

But this water is not water, not liquid pure and clear,
It’s blood as red as rose, my lungs are filled with fear,
these depths are dark and black as night,
I see a man, I get a fright,

This man, he wears a long, dark cloak,
Hood hiding his face, I continue to choke,
He pulls back his hood, revealing his face he is Satan himself,
And in his hands, he holds a jar that he placed upon a shelf,

I stare at the bloodied mess, that I realise is my heart,
And wall paintings made from my blood, that are mistook for art,
As the Devil turns around again, his face has changed a lot,
For now he bears your face, and I feel my blood flow stop,

I sit upright in my bed, awoken from this dream,
But is this just a dream? I think not. it makes me want to scream,
Look what you have done to me, you’ve made my life hell,
What you have done to me, makes me want to yell,

I can’t escape this war torn life,
Not even for a single life,
This hell so dark that you created for me,
It has send me mad, can’t you see?

The walls of this hospital, ever so white,
Is the opposite of my dark and scary, terrifying life,
The gaping cuts across my wrists, they are all caused by you,
It was all the words you said to me, although there was just a few,

Stop with your apologies, it’s far too late now,
The depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, cannot be stopped, I don’t know how,
Apologies, apologies, it’s all too late,
You can’t take any of it back, I’ve met my fate

~Living Hell, by Kayla S
“‘Living Hell’ is a piece of poetry I created for a school assignment. It is depicting the emotions and thoughts of a seemingly ‘normal’ teenage girl who was verbally bullied to the point of mental instability and attempted suicide. Hopefully this can show people that even though they are only using words, it can still hurt people, and even send them over the edge.”

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