~Are you satisfied? by Lalaine
“How people always look down on you,step on you,push you around and treat you like dirt all the time. They think it’s hilarious how they can make someone feel so low, and I just wonder, do these things make you happy? Do you have anything better to do? The bullying is just so constant that it starts to bug you and you just wanna hide in your room for an eternity and never come out as you’re scared to get hurt. You can’t stand up for yourself and when you tell people they come up with this response “Oh ,that’s just how kids are”. You have to go along with their stupid jokes, their dumb little comments, people thinking of you terribly is hilarious, making people think you’re strong, but really, you’re not. But as time goes on and these bullies to disappear, you walk up to a mirror with a huge grin and you say ‘I did it, I lived through it.'”

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