She walks around the corridor
Wanting to find something more
But she is lost within herself
Slowly and slowly you see inside her
Her barrier against the world begins to melt.

Pre chorus:

See her story inside
What is there to find?
See how she came to be
How she wanted to be free

Verse 2:

A young girl runs around her yard
Unknown that her future will hit her hard
She smiles with happiness as the clouds pass by
She now lies under the path to light, under the ocean tides

Pre chorus:

What she couldn’t realize was that everyone loved her
What they couldn’t realize was the teases and rumors
Blind with self-pity and drowning in despair
The tears and laments from others she wasn’t aware


The girl with the suicidal heart
She didn’t know she played a massive part
In the heart of others she didn’t know
But when she died they didn’t laugh though
They broke down and fell to depression
But they didn’t know the story behind her self-destruction

Verse 3:

As she grew up she was ridiculed
She felt their smiles were fake; she was fooled
What she didn’t realize was that they were joking
Their friendly taps, for her pushing and poking
Pre chorus:

Didn’t she know that they were only playing?
Didn’t they know that she was hurting herself, self-maiming?
The two sides of this story collide
The peace that used to seal these people and her divide



Suicide is not what it really seems
Your inner self is what you need to redeem
See and learn from her story and theirs
So you can escape the reality’s nightmares

(chorus x2)


~The Girl With the Suicidal Heart, by Atashia SicilyNotDenmark
“I hope this affects you in a way to prevent self-harm, bullying, suicide, and etc. If you are suffering from any of the above, I want to say you are beautiful, life will get better, and… well I guess the song should explain it.”

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