We’re SO excited that everyone is making such incredible doodles for #doodletuesday! We spend the whole day each week searching the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and being in awe of your work. Here’s a random sampling we collected from week 4:

~AnnabelPolyLee (Twitter)

~ashley_griotphoto (Instagram)

~Brian W (Facebook)

~butterflyturner (Instagram)

~Charlie C (Facebook)

~David F (Facebook)

~jade_boy (Instagram)

~Joshua S(Facebook)

~Kristen Hogan D (Facebook)

~Lori F (Facebook)

~Madison P (Facebook)

~Mary G (Facebook)

~sarafitz (Twitter)

~shaman1473 (Instagram)

~Stephanie D (Facebook)

~Vivian Von B (Facebook)

~Mark Morrow (Facebook)

Keep your doodling tools handy – #doodletuesday week 5 is just around the corner!

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