FEAR, by Anonymous

~Fear, by Anonymous
“Sometimes it feels like there is so much evil in the world, that hope is lost and we’re all sinking in the cold face of society. Whether that may be the results of a death, bullying, a broken relationship, or other distresses, everyone comes to a point in their lives where all they feel is despair. And it’s suffocating, like smoke. It’s hard to reach the light at the end of the tunnel because what you feel at that moment is sharp, and real to you. We feel these things, but we don’t apply these emotions to other people who might be suffocating too. By nature, we are selfish and self-centered creatures that often think about our own survival in the face of others. So this is to remind those people: the emotions you have when you are broken never apply to only yourself. If you reach the light, you should help other to reach it too. So no one is left is the darkness.”

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