VICTIM, by Poet

I want to cry now,
but my eyes are dry.

(I can’t cry for myself, they would think I’m weak)

I want to shout to stop them,
but my voice is broken.

(My voice was never heard anyways, it’s best if I don’t talk at all)

I want to move,
but my feet are stones.

(I don’t have anywhere to go, so what’s the point in running away?)

I want to do something,
but I don’t do anything.

(It’s not like I can do anything special, I’m a nobody)

I want to make a difference,
but I’m too scared to do so.

(You wouldn’t change a thing, you’re a scared, useless victim after all)

~Victim, by Poet
“‘Victim’ I suppose would be the inside of any victim’s mind, it shows the fear and dejection any victim goes through when they’re bullied, especially that voice of doubt that brings any spirit down. I know I’ve experienced this, and I also know many other victims have felt this way too. But the key is to not let that inside voice faze you. Victims need to stand strong, and have courage to pass these obstacles, because there will be sunnier days ahead!”

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