~I Hate School, by Anna H
“This drawing is about the personal feeling of pain that I hold with me, the anxiety I face everyday going to school, as well as a hope of reaching out to anyone going through something similar, in healing a part of their broken self -worth, or whatever their wound may be that needs to be healed. I believe that art and entertainment can be very useful and healing, against than the judgmental TV shows and hurtful movies we see so often, so I have chosen to dedicate my entire career to healing through art/animation/film making. I also believe everyone has a natural love of learning, something that school does not necessarily foster. This drawing also speaks about feeling misunderstood, alone, as if there is no one out there who can reach out to us and be our friend. This is not uncommon in a world where the unseen world within is only unseen because we are expected to put over a mask and hide our true selves behind judgement and cruel intent. It is not difference that separates us from each other, that keeps the bullying going and the walls up, it is a lack of love. In fact, if we could just embrace our differences, a difference in opinion, a difference in color, a difference in gender, a difference in religion, then we would finally get along, because love accepts the other as they are.”

1 thought on “I HATE SCHOOL, by Anna H”

  1. Anna i love your talent and you are one of my best friends in this world and i cherish you so much. Im glad i know you and i cant wait to see you again on vacations and that sort of thing and i wish i could go back to school there to see you again, keep yourself strong, stay the powerful feminist girl i know as anniecorn and just do you.-Justin

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