THE BULLY, by Michelle


I saw you today

yes I did

you looked even more pathetic than what you used to

as you cling to your boyfriend

showing him off like he is some kind of trophy

you have nothing better to brag about

other than the ”hunk” you call your ”love” your ”baby” or any kind of foolish name you come up with

or so you think ,but you hide the fact that he only wants to fuck you

and then move on to the next one

your just another piece of meat to him

do you know that?

no you wouldn’t

you’re too na├»ve and small minded to look through all the sweet words he rubs over your raging hormones


I saw you today

I know you saw me too

do you remember it ?

do you remember all the times you fucked with me

do you remember each single letter of all the names you called me

want me to spell it out for you?


I can go on ,but we shouldn’t get nasty now


I saw you today

you were wearing that smile

the same smile you took from your closet of skeletons

you wear so many of them

I know they are fake

do you know they are fake ?

or do you still drown in the lies you tell

you tell them as if your reading from a book

a book you wrote about yourself

but it’s like a fiction novel you buy from the bad part of the bookstore

the part where nobody even bothers to go because the books are so rotten

you can smell their sickly dead scent even down the narrow alleys of your street

just like you


I saw you today

I feel nothing

I’m dead inside

you’re like a ghost to me now

I never attended the personal funeral I had for you

so I’m just going to blink twice

and say


~The Bully, by Michelle
“All about moving on after being bullied ,Knowing that bullies also don’t have it all or a great life so they decide to take it out on others”

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