RELEASE ME, by Malin R

~Forbidden, by Malin R
“Her face is calm. Almost melancholic.

Why you ask, if she’s in so much pain.
We can see the tears but what are they for?
She looks so innocent, she looks so unharmed.
That’s because she feels like she has to close herself.
It’s forbidden to be in the center of life.”

~Seeing the Light, by Malin R
“Her tears are dry, but they are heavy.

She’s been crying for years, but no one heard her.
Help. It’s a strong word that you rather not use.
Help. It’s a question you don’t want to ask.
But maybe when you least expect it, someone will save you.
Then you will see the light!”

~Prayer, by Malin R
“No one heard when I cried for help.

No one saw me when I was in the corner.
I’ve been hiding myself.
Who can help me?
I don’t believe in God…
But someone must hear a prayer.”

~The prints, by Malin R
“You’re climbing.

You falling.
You take another grip.
You fall.
Use the same spot, or try a new one?
Will I ever get up?
Will I ever see something else than this darkness?”

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