AT THE GALLOWS, by Dannira K

~At The Gallows, by Dannira K
“Everyone is a victim in one manner or another; nobody is safe from judgement and bullying. Not a single place is safe. Bullying on the web, especially on social media sites like Facebook, shouldn’t be ignored, since even if the bully is just “messing around”, the victim can easily be pushed over the edge. Music is not innocent, and the right (wrong) lyrics can turn sadness into something more. A beautiful girl can be turned into a clown’s skeleton trying to fit in with the crowd. Not only girls, but boys too: everyone wants to be beautiful and skinny, and most will go to extremes to achieve their goals. Cuts on arms can be seen, bruises elsewhere cannot. Comments resound for a second in the air, for millennia in the mind. And heartbreaks don’t heal right away. A girl from my school hung herself last year. She was bullied on Facebook and on the web. She didn’t think she was beautiful. She felt like the world was out to get her. I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else.”

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