THE ABYSS, by Anonymous

I’m sick of the fighting,
I’m sick of the tears,
I’m sick of the fire
that is causing the fears.

I’m tired of trusting,
I’m tired of trying,
I’m tired of the people
that are constantly lying.

I’m through with depression,
I’m through with the pain,
I’m through with everything
that’s not making me sane.

I’ve had enough with school,
I’ve had enough with society,
I’ve had enough with everything
that causes my anxiety.

I’m sick of this world,
I’m tired of living,
I’m through with acting happy,
I’ve had enough with forgiving.

I just want to take
my very last breath
and switch the lever
from life to death.

Because I’m sick of the thoughts,
I’m sick of the voices,
I’m sick of life
giving me hard choices.

I’m tired of the abyss,
I’m tired of bawling,
I’m tired of the “helping” hands
that are “trying” to stop me from falling.

I’m through with the fakes,
I’m through with living a lie,
I’m through with everything
that’s making me cry.

I’ve had enough with the blood,
I’v had enough with the scars,
I’ve had enough with the feeling
of being ran over by cars.

I’m sick of these feelings,
I’m tired of this war,
I’m through with talking,
I’ve had enough of my heart being soar.

If only you’d listen,
If only you’d understand,
If only you would reach out
and give me a helping hand.

But you don’t understand,
So you push me in.
where the light will end,
and the darkness will begin.

And forever I will be falling,
into the cold, dark endless abyss.

~The Abyss, by Anonymous

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