LISTEN, by Jessica M

When everything’s all said and done,
Please look towards the chosen one.

The one to mend your pain and sorrow.
Just don’t forget to greet tomorrow.

If you hold pain, then set it free.
Not held inside, or left to be.

Confide in others, as you do with thee,
And only then will you be free.

Smile wider and cherish moments,
Be it love un-spoken or haters comments.

Please be strong and don’t give up,
Not matter what they put in your cup.

Laugh deeply and never forget,
That people care so don’t regret.

When all your word are left unspoken,
Just scream it high toward your heaven.

They will listen.
We will listen.

~Listen, by Jessica M
“In times where darkness reigned my days, I wrote this to keep me going. Over and over until I could recite it. The basic meaning of this poem to to never give up because after a storm comes the light, even if that storm lasts 20 years.”

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