I knew of a human
Like many before
That delighted in hurting
And pain.

I knew of a human
It disgusted me so
It hurt me so badly;
The pain.

Now look at you, human
Remember the past
Muse upon on those you
Caused Pain.

Now look at your life
And think of your future
It’s a picture of anguish
And pain.

Ask, what has become of your pitiful life?
You, now in the gutter of lies?
All you have now is your guilt-ridden heart–
All you have now is
Your pain.

~The Consequences of Mockery, by Gern E
“The poem is based on my experiences – I have always been bullied at school and my art is the only way to express it. I truly respect your project; it is such a great idea and I hope it will help many people such as myself – it certainly brought a smile to my face to see that there are people out there trying to make life better for people like me.”

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