The tears that fall
crash against the floor
always reminding us
of the ones who are no more

Days pass and people cry
bullies laugh and victims die
the homeless, un-sheltered and wandering hearts
wonder what makes them so different and apart

Tears that fall
as more end it all
relieving themselves of the pain
but what is there to gain?

Your name on a plaque
a reminder that you’re not coming back
more people’s tears
filling everyone with more fears

More people at your funeral
than you thought would be to remember you
friends reminisce the things you did together
bullies remember the moment’s they’ve wronged you

your ex boyfriend remembers when he tried to force you
to do things he knew you didn’t want to
“try smoking, have sex, this life’ll be fun,
where’re you going, come back, you’ve no where to run?”

“We’re here in memory of” they begin the service
as people here listen, beginning to get nervous
they signed your casket
and put some small items
in your little brown basket

The tears which fell
upon your bedroom floor
are the same tears which fell
for you’re living no more

~The Tears that Fell, by Jeffery K
“This poem is based on my feelings towards everything that’s happened to me at school. Everyone who’s hated me, picked on me and caused me so much misery made me who I am today. I wrote about it in this poem.”

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