A SMILE IS … by blackcaress

~A smile is … by blackcaress
“Inspired from a movie shown to me by my underclassmen. A movie about a boy who kept on smiling even if he was bullied, his love using him, and being left behind.
This shows that even the happiest people, the people who often smile, have painful pasts. And tears can be expressions of unspoken happiness.”

1 thought on “A SMILE IS … by blackcaress”

  1. that is true so why do you need to think you are alon even you have good to be a frend and all you need to do is read the bible and you are set for life. but all you need to do is just let them know where you stand and what you are gonning to do becouse you are hummen two and you can make a diffen two and if not better then what that other person can ever mean

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