DR.S MAGIC, by Alisha R. A

Sitting here with a stoned look upon my face. The Dr. has won at this pace. Send me here, send me there, nothing to do but stare. Creative flow once here has passed. Happiness once flooded my soul, now placed behind my faded mask. This is real I have lost my place. Struggle, to even lift my head. I cannot even stand. Dr. does not know and a diagnosis he will throw. Too many Dr.s do I see. None of them know what is wrong with me. I sit here with a stoned look upon my face. I cannot cry nor can I laugh. I laughed once. It felt so good. It has been a while. It has been a long mile. I cannot even smile. Struggles come, struggles go, I am not normal. I am weird and awkward. I long to be like everyone else, but no hope tonight. I want to be free from this web others have weaved. Its not fair to me. I beg n plead. Take this dark place from me. As I sit here with the stoned look upon my face, numbness is still embraced. It is laced in needles and pierces where it pleases. Pricks here and there sometimes everywhere. The shadows on my wall, the ghost is hiding in my bed. Tattered and torn are the threads that once kept me safe. With a little magic Dr. seems to care. So i cut my hair. Days go by and still I cannot cry. My tears are dried. The real me is tucked deep inside waiting to come out. The magic spells the Dr. casts say NO You are Insane and you will not last! Either way I am doomed. heal my heart before it becomes a tomb. I have said all I need to say. My head must lay upon my pillow. My eyes must fasten tightly. I hope the nightmares are not going to be nightly. My stoned look is not upon my face. I am to tired to care about anything. The magic the Dr. gave to me, causes me to not care or feel anything. Dr. your magic I thought was best, but it took away the rest of me. The flowers are fading fast. I have worked through my past. When will this end?

~Dr.s Magic, by Alisha R. A
“My name is Alisha Adkins. I am an artist and author of ‘Broken Silence.’ My book is made up of poems and some of my art work. During childhood I was bullied in more than one way. Thankfully through art and poetry I have survived. I am writing to post one of my poems. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and for the opportunity to be part of a great project!”

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