~My Bully, My Nerd, by Natalia
“Well in this picture at first glance it seems that the highest is harassing the smaller guy leaning against the lockers, but it really speaks is the bully boy in love smaller but hides her feelings under that mask because if the discovery will be bad since it is already bother his beloved, the youngest also loves him, if he is in more detail both their faces you can admire a very slight blush on both and a slight smile on the face of smaller. Perhaps these relationships are seen as unhealthy as they are between two men and a bully and a nerd, but I really wish that were not were left marginalized and prejudices aside.”

~SALVATION, by Natalia
“I did this drawing when I was in high school at that time I felt very bad, lonely, felt that nobody understood me, when I tried to talk to my parents all they did was compare myself with others and my colleagues assaulted me, I made ​​jokes and stick gum in uniform and hair or spit at me, and through high school were insulting and humiliating, I’m not a person who is left but do not like to hurt the people and I have suffered, and so did ‘Salvation’ in the drawing shows some elves who are locked each are a part of my being, some are faceless and, others seem to be dying, and some do not differ  one day I got to thinking that the only solution to this was the revenge (hence in drawing someone or something gives them a scythe to the elves ), I started to defend myself if I did something like revenge just behave like I really was and I defended myself, because for this you need two the annoying and disturbing is left. Gradually stopped bothering me, now I hardly do.”

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