SAY NO! by ElfunnSama

~Say NO! by ElfunnSama
“Say no to bullying.

Bullying is bad and is the bigger cause of people hurting themselfs and killing themselfs.

say NO to bullying,dont let people step on you.

if no one near you helps you,PLS talk to your online friends. they will help you build the corage and confidence you need to face whomever is bullying you.

dont be afraid to admit you’re bullyed.

dont hide it.

we are here to help you.

i was bullyed too. i spent 3 years beeing bullyed both mentally and physically just because i was a quiet girl. everyday of school was a torment because of this. i had thoughts of actually killing myself,i wanted to disapear,i was useless,i felt like i was nothing and shouldnt had been borned. i had no one at all to help me. i gained corage myself and stood up for those who bullyed me.

now is your turn to stop this. dont let them abuse you. FIGHT for your rights. *With words preferably*”

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