~No More Bullies, by Moriah G
“Most people don’t think of Superman when they talk about bullies. I do. I know, he’s one of the good guys, right? Well, he definitely tries to make people be good. I’m just not convinced he really understands why.

Think about Billy Batson. A poor kid, kicked around all his life. Suddenly, the wizard Shazam gives him more power than a person can imagine. I think he knows what it means to be big and strong, because he knows what it’s like to be weak and small.

In the 1940s Captain Marvel was the single most popular super hero in existence. He even outsold Superman. Less then a decade later DC Comics sued Fawcett Comics, claiming Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman, and the smaller publisher was forced to stop printing the character entirely. Later, in the 70s, DC obtained the rights to Captain Marvel and quickly incorporated him into their own universe of heroes. Under DC however Captain Marvel has always taken a backseat to Superman as little more than a B list character. His former popularity has never returned.

I don’t think violence really stops a bully. I think helping people with power understand what it’s like to feel weak is a start. And if people who are strong start looking out for people who aren’t, we’ll all have a better understanding of what a true hero really is.”

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