THE BUL(LIES), by Paige S

lies are poison,
deteriorating a person inside,
without a question,
so much pain they hide,

there is no antidote,
The damage is done,
Pushed aside,
So many scars they hide,

The good girls die,
bad girls get better off,
change due to every lie,
thunderstorms in the sky,
sitting a stranded outsider,

The scars are nothing,
To what she feels inside,
Inside her,
Their lies spun like a web by a spider,
entangling her,
feeling suffocated by hatred,

~The Bul(lies), by Paige S
“I have been bullied since I was 7 mainly by lads at school over the years I got spat in the face and hair pulled off lads and I was quiet and shy at school when people bully people they make people feel like they aren’t worth standing up for their self I left school and got more confidence then I started college last year and a lad spread rumors saying I stalk him and his girlfriend when I don’t and everyone believed them and I got weird stares and comments off people most people in the class believed him and when I go to college or finish college he followed me with his girlfriend and laughed in my face like hahaha like a murderer and I didn’t have many friends and I felt judged and I started self harming it annoyed me no one saw them following me and saw me as weird but one day I said something back to them and they walked and I said something again when they followed me and they stopped and I’m glad I went through that it has made me stronger and you can’t help what people think they will always gossip and judge you can’t help that once you accept that you are free and just keep looking to the future and it made me stronger I don’t self harm anymore.”

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