Since I went to primary school I have always had girly voice and a passion for fashion but nobody respected me and everybody started calling me gay even though I was not. Even people I did not know judged me by calling me gay for my voice and when I went to secondary school kid from my old school started saying I was gay to others and they all made fun of me I felt so upset and so alone even some of my own friends did not stick up for me but be in the shadow. I felt so upset people telling I should a guy and people making fun of me and harassing me. One of the bullies even fake humped me as a laugh and tried to beat me up I obviously tried to push him away and even when I came home I felt like I had nobody. Every time when I was crying at home my parents would shout at me saying that I was being stupid letting kids bully me but they had no idea what I was going through because they have never been bullied. Sometime my brother used to laugh and me saying that I get bullied and even at school kids would bully. Later on I fell into a major depression where I cut my self every time possible even at school when I felt upset I would take out a compass and use the sharp tip to dig into my skin. Eventually my parents found out and told a doctor a spent ten minutes with the doctor crying about how much it got to me and how painful it was to bare it all. Later she gave a letter to my parent to give to my head of the year to get me a counsellor to help me then it felt so much better just to burst out all the things that happened to me and for once in my life someone was on my side and I just felt like I was the king of the world! With my counsellor I felt so much stronger after a year she saw that I was really happy and that I had stopped cutting myself so she told me she is stopping the session with me I was alright with it but now I have people bullying me even more now girls from year 10 bully me by calling me gay and they even throw chips at me and I just feel like throwing some back at them but I just don’t have the guts to do it and they are the really popular girl and they even call me gay and one of the girls was a having a party and that day they threw more food at me and I cried so bad then after school a lot of people was surrounding the girls to go the girl party and I walk passed them to go to my dad’s car and they started laughing at me so I quickly put my hoodie on they started laughing more and then when I got into the car I bust out crying . but some of my friend told me that I should not worry about them because they stupid which is true and they are being even more stupid by wasting their money on food to throw at me because if they are going to waste there money on me they must have a really sad life and I must be really important to them if their going waste money on me.

~My bullying story, by Aveen
“One thing I can tell you all is that bullies have nothing better to do with their life then make fun of u because when u think about it must have a really bad time if they are going to pick on you for entertainment. All you have to do is just laugh and when they ask u why your laughing now u know why! ^_^”

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