~The unknown pain, by Nini-Rawr
“Wanted to do a drawing for the feeling of being out of place in the world and how words can be harsh at times. I know a few people including myself that have hated a time in there life, where they are at or where at do to people. Some people don’t realize the damage they can do with words alone. It may not seem like a big deal but to the one taking the beating it is. It could be something small like ‘you’re dumb’ or “You always complaining god, shut up.” but is it really small? I’ve heard that sometimes the little things can actually be the big things. Do you ever think that sometimes your friend or classmate might actually be hurt by what you said? You know there in a rough patch in there life and you do a little teasing about something and say ‘oh i’m just joking haha’ Is it really just joking as the person just brushes it off a bit but in time there’s little pieces that build up and build up and build and build till finally the person spills. Some of you would probably say “get over it, it was just a joke, why are you being a baby?, really? There’s the saying sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. That doesn’t hold up to everyone. Its hard for someone who already goes threw enough, self esteem issues, bully issues, or even home life issues. Why do you expect them to be so strong when they don’t even have a shoulder to lean on? Is it cause we where taught to be strong as a child? You consider yourself a human being, someone normal but we’re the freaks? The unnatural? outcasts? What are we? It in all honesty it bothers me when others judge poorly about others and make assumptions. I’ve judged and have made my own assumptions and I try and catch myself from doing that. We go threw issues like everyone else and there are a few of you who say you understand completely yet somehow you’ve never been threw what we’ve been telling you. You’ve never had a day in our shoes. Do you even know what’s going on in our heads? How we might think their a monster? Maybe even how much we hate themselves? How we question why we’re here? How we say we should never have been born? All we can do is try and get passed these thoughts either on our own because no one gets it or you get threw it together with someone who will take the time to listen and understand. Not cut you off in the middle of an explanation or judge you for your cuts and scars because you can’t handle it anymore. For those that have been damaged, hurt, scared, or torn apart I say if someone’s trying to help you and understand and take their time with you don’t push them away it could be the hugest regret of your life cause you might get so far down you kill yourself off from this world. Please take the time to understand rather then jumping to conclusion. Your no different from me then I am from you. we’re all human aren’t we?”

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