Artwork by Michael J

~Shirokuro, by Michael J
“For this design, I began with an Asian theme since the Phoenix is featured prominently in Asian mythology. The head, body and tail of the Phoenix create a slight s-shape which, when combined with the outer circle, creates a subtle Ying/Yang shape that expresses the concepts of light and darkness, death and rebirth. Quite often, our greatest periods of growth are preceded by our darkest and most difficult times.

When the Phoenix rises, it does so because it is ready to be transformed and reborn into a much higher state of being. The Phoenix symbolizes the ultimate act of creative destruction, sacrifice, and rebirth within the sublime realm of mind and spirit.

Once we choose to leave our old self behind, we use the ashes of our old self to create the new person we are destined to become.”

~Rise, by Michael Jewell
“For this design, instead of a Phoenix I used a Raven, which, in the spirit of the phoenix, is breaking free of darkness to rise into a new life of freedom and beauty.

The Raven is considered by some to be a a symbol of darkness and sorrow while being considered by others to be a bringer of light and symbol of creation. This is the liberating balance I sought to convey. Breaking through the darkness into the light.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Our hardest and most difficult times make us stronger and enable us to eventually break through our limits to find new levels within ourselves that we never knew existed.”

These pieces were created for us by designer Michael Jewell and are now available on a variety of products in our online store:


Michael is a designer and art director from Cleveland, Ohio. He specializes in print design, web design, advertising, identity and brand development, motion graphics, illustration, video editing, music production and e-learning. He was deeply inspired by the work he has seen submitted to our project and wanted to contribute some of his own. Thanks, Michael!!

See more of Michael Jewell’s work on his website here:

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