Artwork by Bronie Hooves

~Hurt Pony, by Bronie Hooves

~Rise Up, by Bronie Hooves
“Today I would like to share two pieces with you. The first one is an image of a sad, bullied pony wondering where the light is through the darkness, obviously the darkness representing bullying in it’s life. The second image is of a pony who has overcame it’s fears and has understood that it can be strong and fly to a higher level than the bullies. I did these two about a week apart from each other. I was going through a difficult time with being bullied while at the same time hearing so much bullying going on around me. I absolutely hate everything about bullying and want to put a stop to it. Unfortunately bullying won’t change until people start being accepting towards other people’s differences. Being a brony, I’m teased about it quite a lot, and I’ll admit it got me down a little. I’m not going to change myself or feel down though just because somebody doesn’t like the way I am. I’ve even convinced some of the bullies to watch the show and they got hooked on it. I also get picked on because I am an incredibly shy person and people just like to use that to their advantage. I remember days when I would cry in silence wishing I had a voice to speak up and defend myself. Some people in my life have really been pushing me to get better and be a little more assertive with myself and not let people walk on me. These people are my friends and I know I can turn to them for help if I ever need it. Your friends will always be there, when you’re at your best and at your worst. I’ve started recently doing this thing on YouTube where I ask people to send me letters of what they’ve learned on the meaning of friendship and what friendship means to them. I will pick out a few letters every week and discuss them in a video. No matter who you are, what you look like, where you are, no matter how different you may be, always be proud to be exactly who you are. You will always have me as a friend no matter what.”

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