A tear.
A single tear.
Shed in the prime of misery.
Silent in its decent to the cold of the floor,
And always kept hidden in plain sight.
Yet, never is it shed in public,
Nor is it shared with another.
The knowledge of the pain and cause
Always covered in a vale of blind fog.
The fog of the ignorant, that is,
And those who pretend to see.
Those who would tell the bent truth of their sight
To help themselves by “helping” another.
Though you ignore the truth in the truth that you bend.
Or perhaps you believe your efforts are right.
Though you try to bandage the wound,
It still bleeds.
And it always leaves a scar.
A scar that will never go.
And a scar that may only rarely be shown.
Yes, you may spin us tales of jealousy.
You may record your stories of misguided insecurity.
And you can organize all armies that you will
With “justice” as your sword and shield.
You, who have never felt the wrath of the hating.
Or maybe you, who causes the bleeding.
You will see what you will
And lie to yourselves.
But, eventually the true truth we find out.
Finding a knight makes us seem weaker.
And, standing alone, we are open to attack.
Silent and out of sight will help some of us
But the rest will never know the peace of such a cloak.
And, your tales never help.
No salvation will come
When we hide the truth to protect our hearts.
For no matter how strong a wall you build
Every untold truth will crack it.
And soon, your wall comes crashing down.
And we will be exposed.
And we will know the truth that we cannot say
For fear of those who would hear.
So, go ahead, spout your miserable lies
To the public and to us.
Be the hero you speak in your tales.
And make all the excuses you wish.
Many of you will but watch the wall fall,
And many will be the cracks.
And we will be the victims,
Made venerable by your kind-hearted lies
And tales of the “pitiful” enemy
Who takes no pity on us.

~The Truth of Bullying, by Sarah K
“I wrote this because I am hearing more and more of this ‘Anti-Bullying Movement.’ People have all of these misconstrued ideas of bullying, giving excuses for the bullies who bully. I was bullied since I was little, and never once did I see it as any sort of insecurity on their part. It was more to get a laugh out of the other students. I wanted to give another side to the argument.”

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