Be the nicest person at home
Help your sister with her homework
And give her all the wrong answers.
Blame your math teacher.

Walk to school
Beside your sibling
Knock the nerdy kid into a puddle
Blame your sister

Start a rumor about the most popular girl in school
Wait until it spreads
And wait.
Until she storms out,
Screeching curses to whatever God she believes in
And the heavens she probably will never reach
Blame the nerd.

Tell the jock his girlfriend wants to break up
And that she’s been kissing up to another
Blame the popular girl

Do whatever you want-
It could be anything-
to the shy girl.
When she goes to her parents
Or the police
Or the teacher, dependant on what you did,
Blame the jock.

Walk past that nice girl
Eating her lunch silently in the corner
Whisper fat as you walk by.
See her starve herself
Watch her remain silent where she would normally babble on
And cry
Then consider the end of her life because of a simple word that hurts worse than the razor blade she holds against her wrists everytime she goes home wondering “what.if.?”
Because nice people
Are the most insecure
Blame the shy girl.

Leave notes
Love notes
Covered in the ushy gushy glop somehow considered poetry
And then a hate note
In the locker of that boy with glasses.
See him curse his hopes under his breath
And look longingly at every girl, thinking that this one sent him the love note and this one sent him the hate note, so that this one loves him and that one hates him, even though they were adorned with the same little hearts and perfect cursive script in purple ink on pink parchment with blue lines, signed XOXO on the love letters and I hate you on the latest note.
Chuckle at how pathetic he is.
Blame the nice girl.

Walk out of the chaotic school
After all, you didn’t get caught~
And tell your mom you don’t have any homework

When she asks why?
Blame your math teacher.

~How to be a bully, by Libby Z

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