~Don’t Let them Bully You, by Pengu8
“This was an art mural submission I did in chalk for my high school. The theme was ‘Stand up against bullying’. The student in this picture is walking through his day of school. The backpack symbolizes the heavy load of insults the victim carries, the nooses reflect the victim’s frequent thoughts of suicide, and the crows on the bottom reflect the essence of death, sorrow, and a bad omen. Bullying is a very negative word. We’d frequently imagine bullying involving one person harassing the other. Sure, the common thing to do is to tell an adult or an adviser about the problem, but that doesn’t solve the whole aspect of it. I’m talking about why people bully others. Often the reason why is because of the lack of parental guidance during the bully’s childhood. It isn’t their fault to act that way, and it isn’t your fault to be taken into account of that. Whenever you are bullied, you should not base your life on the compliments of others. Guidance is the key. Always take a positive outlook in life, create your own foundation to stand on, and just keep going on. The world isn’t perfect, not everyone you meet is nice, so it is your responsibility as a living being to make the best of your short life. Don’t let them take control of what you think or act. You are unique in every aspect, and this is what separates you from the bullies. Following what they say or taking their words into your own heart will not make your life any better. Let other people know your situation, and don’t forget, be yourself, be happy, and live under good guidance. I wish you good luck on your travels in life.”

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