STOP BULLYING, by Alexandra C

~STOP BULLYING, by Alexandra C
“One of my friends has been a victim of constant mocking and bullying at school. As far as I remember, she didn’t do anything to make her a victim of bullying. Many friends asked me ‘Why do you want to be friends with her?’ thus I asked back to them ‘why do you mock her all the time?’ and they said ‘because it’s so much fun’ and ‘she’s weird.’ Does being weird makes her deserve all the bullying?

Well yeah she is weird. Sometimes her ‘weird’ is far beyond ‘weird’ I’d say, she’s a bit freaky but actually she’s very kind. She’s not going to be in the same high school next year, and I believe she doesn’t want to because of the bullying. I don’t say the bullying include hitting and cutting hair, or physical results, but i think it left my friend hurt, but she can’t tell anybody about it because she’s afraid.

I, too, may have been bullying people without me realising it, and I feel bad. I know we all have to do something about bullying because those who are being bullied don’t deserve that kind of treatment. I want to make a STOP BULLYING campaign on the internet but I just don’t know where to start… That’s why help from you guys will be so meaningful and helpful and I’ll be overjoyed if any of you guys participate in stopping bullies. Bullying really needs to stop as soon as possible. I hate seeing people on the internet suicide or hurting themselves because of bullying and mocking.”

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