YOU WILL RISE, by Abbie Vitale

As she sat on her bed with cold blood through her veins,
The gun, rope, and pills all whispered her name.
She dreaded tomorrow, she could no longer fight.
Besides, who would care if she ended it tonight?
She thought things would never look up, that she’d forever be depressed.
That if she died, she’d be forgotten, just as the rest.
But she had a feeling to hold out for one more time.
And so she did and waited for just one sign.
The waiting was long, and endless it seemed.
But when it came along, the light in it beamed.
She began to recover. The scars began to heal.
Not longer after, she kept down her meals.
She still has her moments, but she’s better, you can see.
She decided she was tired of what she used to be.
The lift is around the corner, no matter its size.
So please, wait one more night. And I promise; you will rise.

~You Will Rise, by Abbie Vitale

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