BULLIED, by TheLittleSound

Trying to not make a sound
I keep thinking,
I’m walking on cotton
If I believe,
maybe it’s real

But what to do,
when I’m quivering like a leaf,
for all to see
Stare me down
Whisper’s in the dark

Trying to melt into the wall
That’s what I do
Head down
Hoping to disappear
Or at least to be invisible

~Bullied, by TheLittleSound
“I have never really been bullied, but when I was younger almost everyone in my class froze me out. I didn’t exist. I had few friends and mostly spent time alone. I realized after writing this, that it’s similar to what many boys and girls go through.

The reason I started writing this, is because I watched a video of a boy who stuttered a lot and couldn’t speak in front of his class. His teacher came up with the idea that he should listen to music at the same time he’s talking to make it easier, like in the film “The King’s Speech”. He ended up doing it!

This video was not really about bullying, but since he stuttered, I felt like he didn’t really have a voice. Listening to music and thinking about something to write, this came out. I hope that you who read this can relate, even if you’re not bullied. Everyone feels like they want to disappear sometimes. And it’s okay. But what’s not okay, is to make someone feel like they want to disappear. Stand up against bullying!”

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